YAMAHA CSD Price list

Vehicle ModelCSD Price Range
YAMAHA R15 M₹ 169,232 – ₹ 171,224
YAMAHA FZ15₹ 86,612 – ₹ 102,252
YAMAHA FZS15 V4 DLX₹ 111,755 – ₹ 113,264
YAMAHA SCOOTER RAY ZR SR₹ 83,299 – ₹ 86,054
YAMAHA SCOOTER FASCINO S₹ 81,125 – ₹ 84,106

The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) offers a range of Yamaha vehicles at attractive prices, providing significant benefits to our armed forces personnel. Let’s take a closer look at the CSD prices for some of the Yamaha models:

  1. YAMAHA R15 M (₹169,232 – ₹171,224): The Yamaha R15 M is a high-performance motorcycle known for its sporty design and powerful engine. With CSD pricing, our military personnel can enjoy the thrill of riding this model at a more affordable cost.
  2. YAMAHA FZ15 (₹86,612 – ₹102,252): The Yamaha FZ15 is a popular choice for those seeking a balance between style and performance. CSD provides a cost-effective option for our armed forces to own this versatile bike.
  3. YAMAHA FZS15 V4 DLX (₹111,755 – ₹113,264): This variant of the FZ series offers extra features and a deluxe experience. CSD’s discounted pricing ensures that military personnel can enjoy these upgrades without a significant financial burden.
  4. YAMAHA SCOOTER RAY ZR SR (₹83,299 – ₹86,054): Yamaha scooters, like the Ray ZR SR, provide a convenient and efficient means of transportation. The CSD prices make it easier for our armed forces to own a reliable scooter for their daily commuting needs.
  5. YAMAHA SCOOTER FASCINO S (₹81,125 – ₹84,106): The Fascino S is a stylish and trendy scooter from Yamaha, offering a combination of aesthetics and performance. CSD’s reduced pricing allows military personnel to ride in style without breaking the bank.

These CSD prices reflect the commitment to supporting our armed forces by making quality Yamaha vehicles more accessible. It’s a way to show appreciation for their service and dedication while helping them enjoy the thrill of owning a Yamaha motorcycle or scooter.